What is Sculptra

What is Sculptra

Sculptra is an all-natural, non-surgical treatment to restore the lost volume of aging to a more youthful appearance.  Being a naturally occurring substance in the human body, Sculptra is completely absorbed by the body and has never resulted in an allergic reaction.  Unlike dermal fillers often used in cosmetic procedures, Sculptra is solely a bio-activator.  It stimulates the body’s own natural response to build new collagen and it is this collagen that recreates the volume and contours of youth.

The number one indicator of aging, especially in the face, is loss of volume.  This creates the deep wrinkles, lines and drooping or sagging most people relate to as aging.  As we get older, we naturally lose volume in 3 major areas:  our bones, our fat (never where we want it of course), and our collagen.  Over 94% of this is sub-dermal or under the skin.  So no matter how much we take care of our skin, nothing you can put on it is ever going to replace the deeper losses of volume that begins in our thirties and accelerates in our forties and fifties.

Collagen has been the most common area for volume replacement to date. Collagen injections have been used for years although patients receiving these injections have often suffered from a combination of allergic reaction and results that only last a short time.  Though the collagen used may be ‘natural’, it’s not human.  Modern dermal fillers have supplanted collagen in the majority of cosmetic treatments but their cost vs. volume replacement has been extremely high.  Especially when factoring in their still relatively short life spans and unnatural feel.  

Age related loss of fat has typically been addressed by 2 methods, weight gain and fat transfer.  Though weight gain is easy for many people and does ‘fill the face’, it comes with the obvious side effects of weight gain in the less desirable areas.  Fat transfer has been used for many years but the results are unreliable for many patients, often the result of the patient’s own body chemistry.

As of yet, there is no known method of significantly stopping or reversing bone volume loss. 

Sculptra is the first, all natural, 100% bio-activating treatment available for restoring volume through the body’s own natural collagen production. With a collagen cell's life span of up to 7 years, this is one of the longest lasting treatments available.  Plus, the cost of Sculptra can be many times less than the costs of similar volume from dermal fillers.  
"...very pleased with the results. The look is very natural and the onset of the enhancement was very gradual so nobody really noticed I'd "had work" done. Love the look, love the result..."

"...More importantly, the one administering it is a M.D. I do not think I could trust anyone that was not a doctor injecting anything in my face. It took about 2 hours for her to inject the Sculptra. She was awesome about questions and educating me. She wanted to make sure I was comfortable with the procedure. I also like the fact that Med Spa Plus and Dr. C herself are not pushy sales people. She is able to tell you why things are they way they are and why these changes happen and just doesn't hype products to sell you. I choose Sculptra on my own after she explained all options that could work for my face and the results I was hoping to see..." My rating: 5 stars
  “Once again you’ve made another positive and medically sound difference in someone’s life.”
- Mary B.

“My family doctor commented during a recent visit how much more rested I looked since he last saw me.  Thank you again for reassuring me that it’s never too late to improve your appearance.”
- Dorothy T.

“I have completed 5 treatments with you … I have a few experiences I would like to share.  One night my husband decided we’ll take the kids out for dinner.  I immediately headed for the bedroom to do my makeup.  My husband stopped me and asked where I was going.  I said, “I’m going to put my makeup on.”  He looked dumbfounded.  These next words will ring in my heart forever.  He said … “I didn’t realize you don’t have any makeup on.”  Now that’s huge! … I love what have done and are doing for me.” 
- Melinda H.